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International cuisine is a broad topic because it is home to a wide variety of unique and famous Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Mexican, or Middle Eastern cuisines. With the research distilled, Firsttimefoods will share with you extremely delicious and famous Thai dish recipes that are Pad Thai.

Preparation: 10 minutes

Baking: 10 minutes

Rest of noodles in water: 1 hour

Serving: 2 servings


Pad Thai is a dish that originated in Thailand and is known in the history of Thailand because it was invented around 1940 on the occasion of a culinary competition organized by the king and prime minister. This dish is made from rice noodles stir-fried with vegetables, shrimp and eggs, chicken, or tofu, seasoned with a signature sweet and sour sauce and garnished with chopped peanuts and a squeeze of lime on the plate.

The heart of pad Thai is in the sauce itself, so don’t skip these ingredients:

  • Fish sauce: bring delicious taste. The better your fish sauce, the less you will need to use, if you have a poor-quality brand, consider doubling the dosage.
  • Tamarind: which is equally indispensable, gives an unmistakable sour taste to this dish.
  • Palm sugar for sweetness: this type of sugar does not seem to be the same as the one used by Thai people, in any case, you can safely use regular cane sugar.


For the sauce:

  • 5 grams of tamarind
  • 20ml fish sauce
  • 25 g panela sugar or regular brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon hoisin sauce
  • 20ml water 

For Pad Thai:

  • 130g vermicelli
  • 3 tablespoons toasted sesame oil
  • 2 cloves of crushed garlic
  • 1-piece grated ginger
  • 3 green onions
  • 2 zucchinis
  • 2 carrots
  • A handful of bean sprouts
  • 200g peeled shrimp


  • Roasted salted peanuts
  • Fresh lemon
  • Fresh coriander and/or Thai basil


  • Step 1: Let the rice noodles soak in room temperature water for about an hour.

For the sauce:

  • Step 2: In a saucepan, melt the panela until it is caramelized.
  • Step 3: Add fish sauce, tamarind, water and hoisin sauce and bring to a boil.

For pad Thai:

  • Step 4: Wash and dry the bean sprouts gently.
  • Step 5: Cut the cord from the zucchini and carrots with a vegetable cutter.
  • Step 6: In a pan, heat a tablespoon of oil with chopped garlic, ginger and green onions.
  • Step 7: Sauté the shrimp for a few minutes on each side, then remove them from the pan and set them aside, warm.
  • Step 8: In the same pot, add a tablespoon of new oil and when it is hot, sauté the vegetables for a few minutes, until they are slightly wilted but still crispy.
  • Step 9: Also remove the vegetables from the pan and set aside.
  • Step 10: Still in that pan, add the last tablespoon of oil, drained vermicelli and sauce.
  • Step 11: Cook until tagliatelle is cooked, a few minutes should be enough, then add vegetables and shrimp.
  • Step 12: Serve hot with lemon, raw vegetables and crushed peanuts.


  1. Firstly: to have a chewy vermicelli dish but not overcook and stick together into a block, you must measure the correct cooking time as the recipe above.
  2. Second: you should add a little sesame oil to keep the noodles from sticking together.
  3. Third: you should cook each one separately such as stir-frying shrimp, vegetables, and noodles, then put all the ingredients together and mix quickly for a few minutes to avoid losing the softness of the dish.
  4. Fourth: Pad Thai should be eaten after cooking is the best and two indispensable ingredients next to it: slices of immediately squeezed lemon and chopped salted roasted peanuts.


Pad Thai is a dish that is extremely famous for its deliciousness and eye-catching taste, but it is also very good for human health thanks to ingredients such as:

  • Ginger: can kill cancer cells to help reduce inflammation and pain
  • Thai basil: can reduce stress and anti-hyperglycemia of diabetics
  • Price: contains many vitamins and minerals, helps in collagen production and strengthens the immune system.

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