The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap Teaser

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The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap Teaser |

Cookies are baked, packaged, and shipped! Woo!

I spent the day after Thanksgiving baking up a storm. I love winter days off from work; they’re a great excuse to spend the entire day in the warm kitchen, baking to my heart’s content.

I started by making 4 dozen cookies for the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap (3 baker’s dozen for my 3 matches, and the rest for us! 🙂 ) I got to try out my new OXO silicone spatulas, sent by OXO to the Cookie Swap participants with a sweet note thanking us for “being a good cookie” for participating and donating to the Cookies for Kids’ Cancer Cause. In total, we raised $13,778.40 for the cause! That’s the holiday spirit! 🙂

My local post office is open until 7pm, and after a long day of baking, I managed to make it in time to ship my cookies that night. They were expected to arrive at their (far-away) destinations on Monday the 2nd. I hope my secret matches enjoy their holiday treats!! Check back on Wednesday, December 11th for the unveiling of the cookies I chose to make!

I wrapped up my long baking day with 2 homemade baguettes-post coming soon!

  1. Heather @ Sugar Dish Me
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    I signed up for the cookie swap last year and then I got busy and forgot to respond to my reminder email this year. BOO for me! It is so fun though! Yeah for $13k+!!!! That is seriously awesome.

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