Super Bowl Snack

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Super Bowl Snack |

I’m interrupting the flow of RLK’s recipe posts with this wicked quick super bowl snack I made. Nothing fancy, but it’s great for the game or when you just need to be snacking pronto. We’re making ready-made crispy chips with cheese and salsa. Not a lot goes into it, just tortillas, shredded cheese, and your favorite salsa.

First, lay out two or three of the round tortillas on top of each other on a cutting board. Cut them at the same time into eight (8) pie-shaped pieces. Peel them apart and lay them out on a flat baking sheet (you can steel a friend or a fiancé’s cookie sheet, just make sure to give it back or they may stop feeding you).

Bake the pieces using the broil setting on your oven, to crisp up the chips. Make sure you watch carefully! Don’t go try to do other things around the house and burn the chips as I have never done before.

When they’re just your right amount of crispy, take them out and get ready with the cheese.

Sprinkle the cheese roughly over the chips. This is the step that creates the overall ready-made(ness?). By putting the cheese on now, and baking again, we’re essentially pre-cheesing each chip and melting the cheese into them, so there’ll be no need to cheese them later as you eat–GENIUS.

If you can use a flat pan and spray it with a bit of cooking spray, the cheese will come right off after baking, making cleanup pretty easy too.

Broil them again, watching carefully. When the cheese is melted, take them out and salsa them.

Now, they’re ready to serve and share. Or to eat entirely by yourself as I did not do.

Super Bowl Snack |

Super Bowl Snack |

Super Bowl Snack |

Super Bowl Snack |

Oh yeah! Try that, enjoy that.

p.s. Tomorrow is a big day for FirstTimeFoods. We’ll be announcing FTF’s first “event”! Make sure you tune in!

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  1. BGK
    | Reply

    Hah! This Is a great post

  2. Cathy@LemonTreeDwelling
    | Reply

    What a great little snack! I love that you can make a lot at once and they are bite size!!

    • lsmith
      | Reply

      Thanks Cathy! They’re wicked easy to whip up. Designed for maximum snacking efficiency 🙂

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