Some Photos While We Wait

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Here’s an understatement: we’ve been pretty busy with work on this crazy house. And with ‘normal’ jobs as well, our nights and weekends aren’t exactly “free” either. 🙂

On the upside, there has been a lot of progress from where the house began, as a quaint little shed in the woods that needed some major TLC. For example, here’s a before and after ’currently’ of the hall bath.

Some Photos While We Wait |

Before…scary and gross. Currently…bright and almost ready!

Some parts though (like the kitchen) have been taking—let’s face it, FOREVER. So, if you’re tuning in to firsttimefoods to find really awesome food posts, unfortunately it’s going to be a while. Until then though, here are some photos while we wait!

‘Before’ photos went out all last month via twitter. Search #‎ftfphotoseries or follow @firsttimefoods to see new day-to-day updates! In case you missed them, here’s a quick visual recap:

Some Photos While We Wait: The House As We Found It

Some Photos While We Wait |

And here’s a preview of the all the (incredibly long and hard and tiring) demo work:

Some Photos While We Wait: Demo Days Preview

Some Photos While We Wait |

Stay tuned to the blog and @firsttimefoods to see more!

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