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My favorite part of cooking and baking is the sense of accomplishment I feel after making something from scratch. The “I made this!” feeling. A close second is the joy of feeding and nourishing others.

I didn’t grow up doing much cooking/baking, as I was a very picky eater. I stuck to plain, white foods, such as bread, pasta, potatoes, pizza, with a major lack of veggies in my diet. I also have a killer sweet tooth, and I would happily subsist on a diet of Nutella (straight from the jar) and bread. However, as I’ve grown, I’ve allowed myself to experience the joy and discovery of new foods. College was a great time for this, as my school’s dining halls strove to improve students’ dining choices, offering ‘healthy choice’ foods that were healthier versions of everyday foods, such as mac and cheese with veggies, or introducing new ingredients such as quinoa. All-you-can-eat dining halls are great when you’re a busy student (and every once-in-a-while I find myself wishing I still had a dining plan), but I was eager to get my own kitchen so that I could try my hand at cooking for myself.

After college, my first apartment finally allowed me to get into the kitchen and try my hand at making food for the first time. I feel so satisfied being in the kitchen and creating something with my own hands, whether it be a classic comfort food or a new ethnic dish. I especially like trying out new foods, ones that I’ve had at restaurants, or at-home versions of packaged foods, such as hot pockets, pie crust, and especially, bread!

My favorite things to make (so far—I have many things on my list to try!) include: challah bread, challah bread French toast, pumpkin mac and cheese, and leek tarts. My favorite things to eat are: tapas, a nice, juicy burger and fries, homemade baked goods! My favorite eating and cooking partner is L. Smith!

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