Recipe for the Perfect Picnic

All this month we’re on the road for our honeymoon, so we have some guest posts from our friends lined up. This week Shaye, of Simply Shaye, let’s us know how she does her perfect picnicing.

Cold weather is finally behind us, and I’m pumped for summer. There’s nothing I love more than relaxing outside in the sun. When it comes to outdoor activities, there are few things better than a picnic – the perfect combination of nature and delicious food. It can be so much more than just spreading an old blanket in the park. With these ingredients, a picnic can be an adventurous, classy event.Mason Jar Candles

Pick a scenic setting

For a perfect picnic, I’d like to journey outside of the typical picnic locales. Instead of heading to the nearest park, why not combine your picnic with a hike? Swap the traditional basket for a backpack and hike to a breathtaking location. Anything from a secluded meadow to a peak overlooking the town would make a great location. AllTrails is a really handy website for finding local hiking trails – there are so many trail options, I could plan a different picnic for every week!

Bring the high fashion

A picnic is also an awesome fashion opportunity. It’s the perfect time to bust out a breezy sundress or a blowy shirt. That way, you can sample food, soak up the sun in comfort, and look like a million dollars. For shoes, flip flops are a must. You can easily slip them off and curl up on the blanket. If you’re hiking and need to wear boots of course, slip flip flops into your pack for when you reach your destination. You mustn’t forget the picnic classic – a wide-brimmed hat. A foldable hat like this one from Kooringal travels well, looks classy, and keeps the sun out of your eyes.Ready Basket

Wine and Dine

Picking the right food is essential for a fantastic picnic. I don’t like to settle for boring fare, even if PB&J sandwiches are easy to pack. For me, the perfect picnic includes a nice bottle of wine, dried figs, brie, and whole grain crackers. These things can actually travel remarkably well (especially if you make use of plastic wine glasses). There are tons of other inventive picnic food options, too. Think about bringing tea in a thermos along with some scones for a British-themed affair. Or for a specific experience, get yourself a basket all set and ready to roll. Anything goes!
Scenic View

It’s all in the details

Food is a major part of a picnic, but the ambience is important as well. I like to plan my picnics for the evening, so that I can watch the sunset, and maybe even do some stargazing as night falls. For this, it’s nice to have two blankets – one for the grass, and one to wrap up in and cuddle with your significant other in the dim light. For the perfect twinkling effect, place some tea lights in mason jars and you’ll have convenient picnic candles.

A perfect picnic is all about class and creativity. Think outside the box, and you’ll have an enjoyable, relaxing experience like no other. Putting your unique spin on the classic is a fun challenge, and in the end your picnic will feel like a fantasy.

Shaye, Simply Shaye

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