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New Kitchen Goodies |

A few weeks ago, some of my lovely friends and family threw me a bridal shower brunch. It was a fantastic time with some great people I enjoy spending time with, with great homemade food and mimosas. As an added bonus, we were showered with some new kitchen goodies, including really lovely cooking and entertaining homegoods. I don’t need a lot of kitchen equipment to get by, so we didn’t register for much, but it is nice to have some new and fun things to try out, as well as a lot of items we can use for entertaining. I don’t often buy new kitchen goodies on my own because the the expense adds up, so I’m really excited to start having real, grown-up dinner parties, now that I have a full set of dishes and silverware!

A lot of the gifts are also going to pull duty as additional resources for the blog, as new plates will be used in our photos, and new cookware will be used to test new recipes. I’m particularly excited to try out my new Le Creuset French oven that my sister got me! You may recall I mentioned I was pining over this one in my post for Overnight Rustic Bread, so now I can try making the bread in a real live dutch oven, to see if it makes a noticeable difference in the bread, as compared to my old method of a pot with aluminum foil.

The most thoughtful of new kitchen goodies we received was a collection of recipes from each of the shower attendees. One of my bridesmaids asked each guest to bring a favorite or family recipe to share with us. They are handwritten and were placed in a neat “Recipes” holder, with plastic sheet protectors to keep them clean while I’m cooking, and the book stands up, for easy perusing while I’m mixing away. I’m really excited to try out all the recipes! (Once I have some time, perhaps after the wedding, you’ll start to see them here on the blog!)

Here’s to lovely friends and family, and celebrating life!

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