We moved!…I know, it doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it really is. In July of 2013, we relocated from an already great area to an even better one, about 2 miles closer to Boston. We’re lucky to have such great places where we live.

Best of Both Worlds

Our new neighborhood is the best of both worlds: it’s a quiet, tree-lined street just a few steps from a great walking, bustling avenue of small shops, yummy restaurants, and a Trader Joe’s! We feel like we’re in the suburbs, yet we can take a walk into the city within minutes.

It’s noticeably quieter, which makes for a less stressful environment to come home to, which is really nice. Our new apartment is very cozy, and makes us feel like we’re in a real home, rather than just living in a bare apartment. Paired with the neighborhood it can’t be beat in the city. We now also have use of a great new kitchen! It’s awesome. A major improvement from our previous apartment.

The new place also has a great, separate office space for L. Smith, a first for him! We can do work, including write posts, in a comfortable setting meant for taking care of business.

When we started this blog, wayyy back in January of 2012, we were really excited, and created content of the best kind: genuine recipes that we enjoyed making together. Soon though, life caught up with us, and we found our blog a little neglected.

Win for Us, Win for You

All these new life changes allow us to keep this blog up-to-date and improve it, and produce recipes that feel as great as the first few did, which is great for you and us both!