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I’m an eater by nature. By that I mean I typically eat by volume, rather than by quality. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy food, just that it usually takes a bit more of it for me to be satisfied. That being said, keeping this blog with RLK has given me a lot to be grateful for in the world of food, and as I tell her, my food IQ (if there is such a thing) is getting a little better every day.

My favorite foods are (surprise surprise) those that are filling. I like American, Italian and now Polish staple foods, such as homemade lasagna, pasta bakes, meat and sausage. I don’t need a lot of flashy presentations or highly complimentary ingredients to enjoy the meal. Ironically though, when I prepare food for others, I like to present them with a theme or style that’s noticeable. Having a design background, I usually look beyond the ingredients I prepare and try to create something, as opposed to simply serving something.

If I were to choose other foods, they’d be tied to my favorite experiences, mostly Summer time activities on the East Coast. I could go all day on fruit-cup, watermelon straight from the rind, Dels, and ice cubes, all while heading to and from the beach, tennis courts, and the baseball diamond.

Right now I prefer baking to cooking, for reasons mentioned above. I’m willing though to try all of many varieties of preparing/eating/cooking/enjoying food, bring them on! As you’ve might have guessed, my favorite eating partner is RLK!

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