Income Analysis: February

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Hey there. It’s the time of the month that I take you through the financial side of FirstTimeFoods. We like to let people know how our blog makes money, because we know how hard it can be to do that with your own blog.


Google AdSense: $8.17
Sovrn Networks: $.58 $1.35
Total: $10.10


Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 2.36.37 PMThere always seems to be one day that spikes, when we get increased traffic for a particular post. This month it came at the beginning, when Banana Bread Breakfast Bars, mentioned last month for doing well on it’s own actually, was shared on Pinterest by Lululemon, a major athletics clothing company.

This month we’ve taken steps (and a bunch of time) to increase our social media outreach based on the goals from last month (haven’t forgot about the videos!). And you can now find FirstTimeFoods on Facebook! Like our page to see us in your news feed. Because, like us, you’re probably using it right now.


You can now find us at:

FTF on Facebook
FTF on Twitter
FTF on Pinterest
FTF on Google+
FTF on Tumblr



So, we’re basically social media moguls at this point 🙂

We add new content to these outlets too, so be sure to share us on your favorite platform!


Let’s talk about testing. You should test things. By this I mean, when you have a new idea for your site, test it out. Here are some basic steps:

  1. Your site is running just fine.
  2. Change the site to add a new idea.
  3. Wait 30 days.
  4. Check the results.

Doing this allows you to find what’s best for your site, and makes it that living/breathing entity that will develop well over time.

For a month now we used Sovrn Network ads, but after almost a week they had produced almost no income, and after 15 days still just a few cents. This pushed us to look into additional income stream options, that we didn’t implement until recently. Believe me, it was hard during the second half of February to ride out the above testing procedure (step 3. Wait 30 days) when there was almost no money coming in, but I had committed to that test duration, and it wouldn’t do the experiment justice to bail early.

In just a few days, has surpassed Sovrn’s earning for the whole month.

Let There Be Light

This month we made a purchase that will hopefully improve the photos we take of our recipes. We bought a light. It’s an Interfit Fluorescent Flood Light with Bulbs, Light Stand with 72 Total Watts, for all you photo bugs.

It’s our first major (still <$100) purchase directly driven by the blog. We’ve already had a bunch of fun with it, and experimented with how to use it best (meaning L. Smith spent half a day transforming part of the living room into a giant light box). So far the results have been pretty good, we think. We hope it will improve our food photography and therefore put better content up on the site for you guys. Feel free to let us know what you think!


As I mentioned, video is a carry-over from last month, so let’s keep that on the Goals list, add more video.

I’ll ad a goal that seems obvious, but should be defined: Leverage the newly established social media channels (from above) to increase traffic and grow the blog. In fact, you can help. Use the buttons above to share FirstTimeFoods with your friends. Think of it as supporting us for free!


Thanks to all of you that find yourselves here on the site, old and new. Giving us the chance to rant about our food/life/stuff helps us build the community that is FirstTimeFoods. Yee-haw!

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