How to Peel Ginger

When I first started cooking, there were many things I didn’t know — specialized (and even ‘everyday’) techniques and tips that others have devised as a result of their own experiences. Along the way, I’ve picked up new techniques, including an easy way to peel fresh ginger root. Using a spoon is a safer and easier method of peeling ginger than a knife or a peeler. Because of the ginger root’s knobby shape, the spoon is a better bet than the potential danger of a knife slipping and nicking (or worse) your finger.

You can use the spoon in two different ways: facing you and peeling the ginger towards you (the method I prefer), or facing away from you and peeling down and away from your self on a cutting board. This video demonstrates how to peel ginger using the spoon facing you.

Steps for Success

  1. Hold the spoon firmly with one hand, so that it “faces” you, as shown. Hold the ginger firmly with the other hand.
  2. Use the spoon to carve the surface of the ginger toward you, removing a portion of just the top surface of the ginger.
  3. Set the skin you’ve just peeled from the ginger aside.
  4. Rotate the ginger and again use the spoon to carve away the skin toward your body, working your way around each knot of the ginger.
  5. (optional) Make some candied ginger!

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