HAPPY NEW YEAR & RoadTrip Video

2014 was a BIG year for us.

Thanks for sharing it with us. We became Mr. & Mrs. Smith this year, and went on a cross-country road trip to celebrate. We’ve shared photos and thoughts from our travels, and now here’s a first-hand look at our adventures. We’re really looking forward to what 2015 has in store for us! Happy New Year!

#roadtrip2014 Stats:
25 days
28 states
8,813 miles
7 average hours in the car per day
2 National Parks
1 Hot Air Balloon ride
4 November Project workouts (NOLA, LA, SF, DEN)
6 Airbnb’s
2 campsites
1 full week in California
1 can of bear spray
1 Moose sighting

gas: $789.02 ($31.56/day)
food: $1,289.70 ($51.59/day)

Favorite Location: California!
Favorite Meal: Fish tacos in LA
Best audiobook: Lord of the Rings

# of burgers eaten by Mrs. Smith: 6
# of chocolate milkshakes consumed by Mr. Smith: let’s just say more than 1
# of adventures: countless


p.s. you can see photos from each major stop of our trip on the following pages:
Baltimore & Richmond
New Orleans
Los Angeles

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