Getting Married / We’re Back!

okokokokokokokokok, you got us. 🙂

You caught us with hands in the cookie jar, wrapped up in other life things, neglecting the blog. Between working, running a marathon, getting married, and planning the honeymoon, we’ve been super busy. How do you guys keep up with all of your life stuff? We certainly don’t.

Getting Married |

Photo Credit: @muffinpics

Thank you to all of our friends and family that helped make our day so great. For the past two months we realized over and over how awesome you all are. You helped put all the decorations and physical elements of the day together, you showed up looking beautiful. You laughed, danced and celebrated with us. Even more importantly you helped make getting married a beautiful experience to share. Without you, the day would not nearly have been the same. We love you!

It’s been a blast the past few weeks and an added bonus is that the necessary wedding day planning and coordination is also now over, hurray! So in theory we have a whole heap more time with the wedding behind us, so for the most part, we’re back! Cooking and taking photos will be welcome activities for us.

Our NEXT big adventure is coming up fast! You really won’t want to miss it. It’s an trip that’s all about traveling to new places discovering experiences you never would have had otherwise. So it’s really exciting and also terrifying at the same time.

Don’t worry, we won’t be falling off the planet this time. We’ll be posting from the road when we can, and sharing all the cool stuff we encounter through social media. Check the top bar for the links. We also have a few guest posts from our foodie friends lined up.

— L. Smith and the newly-minted Mrs. Smith! 🙂

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