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Here are some super cute fruit and veggie costumes. I’ll be keeping this in mind for next year! 🙂


What a great idea: The Kitchen Library in Toronto rents out kitchen appliances, so you don’t have to buy those single-use appliances that take up space, and you never end up using anyway. Now, you can just borrow that kitchen torch when you finally decide it’s time to try out creme brulee.


Omnivore’s dilemma (the book by Michael Pollan that introduced me to really thinking about what I eat) on-screen!


Love Starbucks but don’t like all the excess sugar in their fancy drinks? Here’s what to order on the fall menu to get your fill of Pumpkin Spice Lattes without the high levels of sugar and calories.



None of these are affiliate links, I just think they’re cool and/or interesting!

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