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IMG_0318 copyHappy Fall!

I’m all about finding cool, random articles and things online, so I love link round-up posts. Here are a couple of cool links I’ve recently found that I thought I’d share:

It’s pumpkin (beer) season!

Check out this photo reference of your daily recommended servings of fruits and veggies. It’s a great visual of how much to eat each day. I love my fruits and veggies!

Want to know what other kinds of veggies you can eat besides the regular ol’ broccoli and kale? Check out this funky print of The Various Varieties of Vegetables. Perfect for decorating your kitchen. I WANT.

Super cool vertical, self-watering plant stand. Perfect for the city apartment. I wish I had room for it in mine.

Most of these are pinned on our boards already, or will be soon. Check them out.

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