Website Themes

give your site some style

Designing a website can be tedious, but a quick Internet search can offer many themes to get you on your way. We’ve rounded up some of the better sources to save you even more time.

WordPress Themes

If you’re not at a place yet where you can buy a theme for your website, look through the many free themes that WordPress has. A lot of them are consciously designed to be simple, so that you can customize them when you’re ready. This link is the Free WordPress Themes directory. These themes are developed by WordPress users, individual people like you and me, that offer them essentially one by one. This means that using them can feel very personal; you’re supporting someone’s hard work directly. However, it also means that crucial support for you, such as answers to compatibility questions or updates may be limited, if the user simply builds his themes just as a hobby.


Northeme has some great theme products. Their style is really minimal, but gives attention to the work being showcased. To me, their themes would be great for a designer, artist or photographer. Their Centreal and Reframe themes will lend themselves to anyone with photos to show off, or those they collect around the web. They even have a “lite” version of their Workality theme that you can download for free! If it were me, I would grab that free version, look at the code and interface, and see if I needed the upgrade to the Premium version. You may not. It’s good to see how a theme like this works for your needs, if you get this kind of freebie chance.

How smart is your Theme?  How good is your support? Check out ThesisTheme for WordPress.

Thesis Theme

This is a classically simple theme. Its been known to raise your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rating. This theme is meant to be simple and intuitive. The emphasis is on being able to make changes and customization to your site without having to know how to any coding languages. That’s great for people just starting out. They have great FAQ, and a TON of support.

There are three levels of the theme to choose from, kind of “small, medium, large” style. I would recommend the smallest first, unless you know you’ll need the extended tools without question. I would say this theme could work for someone making any kind of site really.

StudioPress Themes

These themes are really cool. I really like the Lifestyle Pro theme. I haven’t coded it, but the results look great for bloggers and/or cooks. They have a live demo for their themes, which allows you to see the website “live” in your entire browser. They even have a mobile demo which is great, almost essential nowadays. StudioPress are the creators of the Genesis Framework, a very popular website framework (html and css base code that allows for consistent but flexible design) that is search engine optimization ready, HTML5 ready, secure, etc. You pay a higher price for this level of pre-design, but it is very good.