The FTF Dictionary

a tally of terms

This is a running list of uncommon food and kitchen terms that have stumped us at first glance in the past. The definitions are nothing as official as Webster, but rather, as we’ve defined them. It’s a source of quick information on what all these crazy food items are, and a tool we find ourselves returning to in order to stay informed.


“boor-gee-nyawn”; a method of cooking with a red wine reduction sauce, derived in the Burgundy region of France. Also fun to say.


the best thing ever; love it.


a ‘pickle’ made from the flower buds of the caper bush that is found in the Mediterranean. It is usually packed in brine and has a salty taste. Goes great with lemon flavors.

convection oven

a special type of oven that cooks using fans, to evenly distribute air/heat and cook food more quickly and evenly. Set temps 25*F less than what the recipe calls for, when using convection. Also, makes the best/moist roast chicken.

delicata squash

a winter squash with long dark green stripes on a yellow or cream colored background and sweet, orange-yellow flesh. It’s also called peanut squash, Bohemian squash, or sweet potato squash. Although considered a winter squash, delicata squash belongs to the same species as all types of summer squash known in the US (including pattypan squash, zucchini and yellow crookneck squash).


L. Smith’s favorite pastime!


someone who loves food, either eating or cooking, or both! A valued part of our FTF community.


the best kind of food, especially when it’s made with Love! 🙂

KAF, King Arthur Flour

The best flour ever! A great, employee-owned company with great product and great recipes. Check them out!


“to put in place”; a method of preparation for cooking in which you prepare all the ingredients beforehand and have everything measured out before you start cooking, to help you cook more efficiently and quickly. L. Smith is great at setting this up for me; he’s the best!


the 2nd best thing ever. Made even better when paired with the best thing ever (see: bread)


This is a French term. It means to fry something (like potatoes or onions) quickly in a pan. For example, “sauté the onions in the olive oil.” Because it’s French, if you use it calmly in a sentence, you sound smart.


rlk’s favorite pastime!


your best friend in cooking and baking; it helps you prevent burned/overcooked food.