Often while cooking together, we found that some nights, the cooking was easy: it was fun and exciting, we enjoyed the meal, and we were happy and full. Other nights though, the cooking was rough: we either didn’t have the ingredients to make what we wanted to, or we had to make substitutions to a meal that was really a second choice. This lead to both cooking and eating experiences that weren’t enjoyable, and that’s no fun.

So we started creating this dinner calendar. It shows everything on it from what’s for dinner tonight, to what ingredients to by for it, when to buy them, and how much to get. It’s an outline of each week (and in turn the entire year), so that we only have to go shopping once and we we’ll have everything we’ll need for dinner each night of the whole week. I’m sure it seems overwhelming at first, but it has taken a long time to build up, so it’s progressed naturally by the planning we found ourselves doing regularly. To help with the potential madness, everything is on different calendar layers, that can easily be turned on and off so we can focus on the info we need.

This tool is great for piece of mind. Once you get used to using it, you can tweak it to suit your needs, and spend less time shopping and more time cooking!