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Yeah Memorial Day. Remembering the men and women who died while serving in the country’s armed forces. Around here, there are plenty of services and even races that good a great job of that, as they should.

With a few people coming over, we wanted to make a pitcher sized Cojito Cocktail, based on this recipe from the Kitchn.

IMG_2305Super simple: rum, mint, sugar and limes. Even I can handle that.

Without thinking much about it, we picked up some standard white rum rather than coconut, whoops. The idea is: White Rum = Mojito; Coconut White Rum = Cojito. Next time we’ll have to get it right and compare.

I muddled the mint with the sugar in one of the small white dishes we have instead of the pitcher, since it’s much easier than trying to do it in the larger pitcher. I ground the leaves up with a muddler, letting the ‘sharp’ sugar do its work. If you let the leaves sit just a minute after grinding, they’ll start to release their minty essence and flavor.

After squeezing four limes into the pitcher, I added the rum and seltzer, then stirred in the muddled mint leaves and sugar. I threw in a bunch of the leftover mint and limes to add a bit of flavor and more importantly make it look fancy.IMG_2310

So we used regular white rum, and it was still pretty. darn. delicious. Combine that with grilling, a deck and some tables and chairs, a nice day and some good friends, and you’ve got yourself a fantastic afternoon.


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    We’re not allowed to have glass at our wedding reception venue, so we’re actually making a huge (acrylic) dispenser of mojitos and serving that as the drinks! I honestly hadn’t thought of using coconut rum, but it could be a fun way to mix things up.

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