Champagne Cocktail

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Some ‘Splainin

First, let me do a bit of explaining about why we felt the need to incorporate a drinks series into the blog. The blog is FirstTimeFoods, so why drinks as well? Well, one answer is simply that food and drink naturally work together. The second reason though was what we found to be an abundance of terribly formed web references on the making of basic drinkable drinks. By basic, I mean drinks with simple ingredients—one shouldn’t have to spend a fortune buying one-time-use mixers and flavor additives, or go on a scavenger hunt around their city or town to find such rare ingredients.  By drinkable I mean, you know, that the drink doesn’t taste as bad as its awful name (offenders shall remain nameless). So, the plan is to highlight some simply good drinks we find online and try out, and also to incorporate the drinks we come across at the bars/restaurants we actually go to.
Champagne Cocktail | firsttimefoods.comChampagne Cocktail |

The Champagne of…well, Champagne

A champagne cocktail is a true staple drink. It’s simple enough, to be honest, that a lot of the quality of the final product will likely depend on the quality of the purchased champagne. But, there is surely an appreciation to be had for a “prepared” version of the spirit. This week, I made a Champagne Cocktail for the first time.
Champagne Cocktail | firsttimefoods.comChampagne Cocktail | firsttimefoods.comRLK and I decided to “splurge” on some high-quality Premla Perla ($15 at our local Trader Joe’s). The good thing about Champagne is that, while it might be a bit off the beaten path of usual alcohol purchases, it’s still drinkable on it’s own. This means if you do want to go for the good stuff, spending the money won’t leave you with a half-full bottle in the fridge three to four weeks from now, like is typically the fate of some unfortunate liquors. I followed a recipe that added just a dash of Angostura bitters (I admit this is a fairly specialized ingredient, but once you have it you’ll probably never run out) and some sugar.

Champagne Cocktail | firsttimefoods.comI meant to pick an easy drink to start with, and this certainly fit the bill. The process was pretty easy–pour the bitters and sugar to the glass first, then the champagne. I think the best part about a drink like this is the celebration that usually comes with it. So look ahead to your next New Year/birthday/Friday and pop some bottles!

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