And the Winner is…

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At the beginning of this month we held our first giveaway. And the winner is…


Kelsey T.


Her prize: a $25 Apple iTunes gift card!

Have fun rocking’ out in the kitchen Kelsey! Here’s her entry:

“As a foodie, I like to bake more than cook. Just like my life as a scientist, I prefer protocols and recipes and am not very good at improvising (in the lab or in the kitchen)- although I’ll try! Unless I am cooking with others, I prefer meals that are quick and easy to make, since I like eating more than I like cooking. My favorite things to make are: cookies, pies, lasagna, and chili. I bake pretty bangin’ oatmeal toffee cookies, but I still can’t beat Ghirardelli brownies from the box. I eat cereal for dinner far more than I should, and I’m looking for easy recipes to incorporate more vegetables into my life. I love #firsttimefoods!”

We love you, our readers. We’re happy to be able to give a little back to this food community. If you’d like to share your food fable, you can do that right here.

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