Humble Beginnings

the story of these food pages

Hi! We’re a young couple living together in the Northeast. Like a lot of people, we have a great DIY sense. We’re also good at finding deals and saving money by doing things ourselves, so we cook together at home often.

One night a few years ago, we planned to make a simple but delicious white pizza: home-made dough, ricotta, mozzarella cheese, and basil. The prepping went smoothly all the way through the placement of the last basil leaf. When it came time to put the pizza in the oven, we hit a snag. We realized we should have done the assembly directly on the pan because the dough was practically cemented to the board. Still determined, we tried to transfer it. Disaster struck! We held our breath and stared at it in horror.

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The edge of the dough had slipped and folded back on about 2/3 of itself, creating more of a calzone than pizza. Emergency surgery was needed. Ten minutes of pinching, prodding, unfolding, poking, and praying produced nothing but a pizza…calzone…blob. Utterly distressed from having now spent more time preparing the meal than it would take to cook and eat it, we decided to just throw it in the oven and hope for the best. The Pizza-Calzone-Blob cooked for a long time, but to our surprise, the football-shaped mess of dough-wrapped ingredients tasted pretty good. We cut it into strips and used home-made sauce as a dip. We even had enough left over for lunches that week. So after all the drama, we ended up with something not so bad. It showed us that even when life gives you perfectly good pizza, you might mess it up, but a Pizza-Calzone-Blob is ok too.About |

The Pizza-Calzone-Blob experience led to the vision of this blog: a resource for both inexperienced and veteran cooks to share in the joy of making a meal for the first time. Here, we share recipes, techniques, and ingredients that we’re trying for the first time, and document our trials and tribulations.

We’ve learned a thing or two since we started. We give a sense of difficulty level with each recipe so you can try it on your own. We have lesson and tool pages for honing your skills, and a Community¬†section where you can connect to other food forums around the web. For us, the best part of cooking (besides the eating!) is sharing what we’ve made with others. By sharing this blog, we can all conquer our food fears together, from working with unique ingredients to mastering complicated recipes with multiple steps.

This blog is for people who are into cooking, and people who are into eating. If you like either, we hope you join us on our journey of making first time foods!